Palmer Amaranth’s Molecular Secrets Reveal Troubling Potential

Corn, soybean, and cotton farmers shudder at the thought of Palmer amaranth invading their fields. The aggressive cousin of waterhemp – itself a formidable adversary – grows extremely rapidly, produces hundreds of thousands of seeds per plant, and is resistant to multiple classes of herbicides, incl

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The European elections are behind us and the dust is settling. Thinking about the future of the European agricultural sector, there’s a lot at stake, and the next European Parliament and Commission will have to deal with a number of important issues. In recent years the discussion over the need for

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The Man Behind The Myth: An In-Depth Interview with Garlich von Essen

For the past 15 years, he has been the Secretary-General of the European Seed Association (ESA), now Euroseeds. Before that he was Director Public Affairs at ESA for four years, and Political Advisor in the European Parliament for another four years. He has been leading the European seed sector from

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Aspects on Essentially Derived Varieties in the EU

The European Union plant variety protection system (EU PVP) is based on the UPOV 1991 Convention. The concept of essentially derived varieties (EDV) is found in Art 13 of Council Regulation 2100/94 (the EU PVP Regulation). The text of Article 13 is similar but not identical to Art 14 of the UPOV 199

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Settling Dust

The European elections are behind us and the dust is settling. Thinking about the future of the European agricultural sector, there’s a lot at stake, and the next European Parliament and Commission will have to deal with a number of important issues. In recent years the discussion over the need for

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Embracing Nature: Rebranding ESA to Euroseeds

Since mid-July 2019 ESA has formally become Euroseeds and launched the new Euroseeds website: url as before). Such decisions are not take lightly, so European Seed wanted to find out more and asked Valentina Garoia, Manager Communications of Euroseeds for her take on the rebran

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Advanced Breeding Paves the Way for Disease-Resistant Beans

For many people in Africa and Latin America, beans are an important staple. Historically described as “the meat of the poor”, beans are rich in protein and minerals, affordable and suitably filling. That is why they are served daily, often with several meals.In many regions, however, plant diseases

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Future Proofing Cereals for Climate Change Drought Conditions

Scientists at Heriot-Watt University have identified a gene responsible for drought resistance in barley which, it is believed, could help future-proof the cereals industry to increasingly dry conditions as climate change gathers pace.Publishing the results of nearly five years of work in the Journa

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Salk Scientists Uncover Gene for Iron Tolerance in Plants

Iron is essential for plant growth, but soils can become toxic with too much or excess iron. In the last two decades, plant scientists have attempted to uncover the genes responsible for iron tolerance. However, they remained elusive until recently when scientists from the Salk Institute for Biologi

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App Developer Console Opens Up Our Food Safety Data

A new “developer portal” using application programming interface (API) technology makes EFSA’s information more accessible to software developers, allowing them to design creative new apps and tools for use by the food safety assessment community or consumers.EFSA has developed several IT systems, d

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Utrecht Biologists Discover A Way to Make Plants Flood Tolerant

Scientists at Utrecht University have discovered how some plants can quickly detect that they are under water when flooded, and initiate processes that prevents them from drowning. Floods cause widespread yield losses annually due to the extreme flood sensitivity of most major crops. In a study publ

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Use of CRISPR-Cas9 Revealed OsCAF1 Influences Chloroplast Development in Rice

The chloroplast splicing and ribosome maturation (CRM) domain proteins have functions in the splicing of chloroplast gene introns. Several CRM domain proteins have been discovered to be involved in chloroplast development in many plants, but their functions in rice are still yet to be known. To eluc

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Equinom Beefs Up Plant-Based Meat Products

Seed-breeding specialist start-up Equinom Ltd. is helping food manufacturers unlock the true potential of plant-based meat products. Equinom’s innovative designer non-GMO seeds are enabling food companies to close the gap between consumer demand for cleaner meat alternatives and innovating palate-pl

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International Foodvalley Summit: The Protein Plan(et)

Solving the Protein Puzzle on a Global Level A global “return” to balance in protein consumption; less animal and more vegetable. During the third international edition of the Foodvalley Summit: The Protein Plan(et), on 17 October, food producers, growers, breeders, investors, research institutes an

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Choose Your Salad Carefully…

I guess most of us have tried to compose our own salad mixture from salad bar. I usually go for a lot of nuts, olives, and dried tomatoes, and less for lettuce and the overly fibrous celery. What kind of forage would a dairy cow chose as side dish for its concentrate meal? Probably a forage grass wi

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New Cloning System Allows Development of Transgene-free Edited Crops

Researchers from Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain and Durham University in the UK developed a tried and tested cloning system for genome editing with a monitoring module that lights up when a transgene is detected. This new technique provides an option for researchers to have an efficient e

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The Benefits of Seed Applied Technologies

Seed applied technologies (SAT’s) are basically any protection and growth technology that is supplied with the seeds in the bag. This can include seed treatment with fungicides, insecticides, nematicides and biologicals offering a solution to the farmer maximising her or his productivity. Once seeds

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Growers and Partners From the Chain Welcome at Bejo Open Days

The annual Bejo Open Days will take place in Warmenhuizen from 24th to 28th September 2019. Vegetable growers and chain partners from all over the world will travel to the Netherlands for this event. As a vegetable seed specialist, together with our clients and business relationships we explore oppo

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Technique Combats Widespread Passion Fruit Disease

Passion fruit woodiness caused by cowpea aphid-borne mosaic virus (CABMV), the disease that most affects passion fruit (Passiflora edulis) grown in Brazil, can be combated with a relatively simple technique.A study published in the journal Plant Pathology shows that systematic eradication of plants

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