Interview with Shelagh Kell, Farmers Pride Project Manager

European Seed Editorial Director Marcel Bruins sat down with Shelagh Kell, the Project Manager of the EU funded project Farmers Pride and the chair of the Eucarpia Genetic Resources Section – University of Birmingham, at the Euroseeds 2021 Congress in Prague, Czechia. The EU project Farmers Pride, f

  Marcel Bruins

Rising to the Challenge of Climate Change

New seed technology and collaboration is helping to keep crops growing as temperatures heat up.In recent years, extreme weather events seem to have become more common as evident with climate change making headlines. As temperatures rise or fall and droughts or deluges become more common, the seed in

  Ashley Robinson

Why do GMOs Have an Image Problem? Watch This Week’s Episode

Why do GMOs have an image problem? It’s a question we attempted to answer on the Oct. 13 episode of Seed Speaks.A recent survey by the American Marketing Association found that consumers feel that GM foods are unnatural, immoral, and unsafe, despite the fact that 70% of processed foods in the United

  Marc Zienkiewicz

The Buzzword Gap Between Ag and Consumers

With buzzwords everywhere, how can we use them to bridge the information gap between ag and the general public.Buzzwords seem to be everywhere these days, and while some explain actual agriculture practices and science, others aren’t necessary. However, these words can be used to bridge the informat

  Ashley Robinson

A Deep Dive into NBTs: Regulatory Status, the Future and Their Place in Ag

Science is outpacing regulatory agencies around the world, and they’re scrambling to identify, categorize and regulate these new processes. As researchers create new ways to bring technology to the forefront, the response from regulators and consumers has differed greatly across the globe.Agricultur

  European Seed

Plant Variety Protection Critical to Improve African Seed Industry

Improving the African agriculture industry, including seed availability and quality, isn’t as easy as a flip of a switch. Complex economic and legal challenges mean this will be a long-fought battle.“The seed market size is one of the biggest challenges facing the African seed sector, which does not

  Marcel Bruins

The Seed Industry is Part of the Solution

What keeps Diego Risso up at night? The fact that the seed industry has a fantastic story to tell but hasn’t been able to do it at a broad level — especially to consumers.“I know that the seed industry has a very, very good story to tell,” Risso, executive director of the Seed Association of the Ame

  Alex Martin

Partnerships and Sustainability Core to Corteva Agriscience

We can’t do it alone.Corteva Agriscience is two years young, and according to Steve Reno, Global Seed Business Platform President for Corteva Agriscience, partnerships and collaborations will bring growers the solutions they need.“We have got to collaborate with folks, so whether it’s other companie

  Marcel Bruins and Michelle Clarke

According to Andreas Wais, it’s Time to Update Seed Testing

If you look on YouTube for the history of seed testing, you’ll be confronted with a movie published by NIAB in Cambridge detailing seed testing in the 1930s.According to Andreas Wais, some of these practices are still used across the globe today.“There’s a bit of split results,” says Wais, Secretary

  Alex Martin

Why it’s an Exciting Time to Work in Wheat Development

Tatiana Henry has never seen as many people in the Denver airport as she did recently when she was finally able to travel.Thanks to video conferencing apps, leading a North American wheat breeding company during a global pandemic was perhaps easier than it might have been in the past, but she’s than

  Marc Zienkiewicz

A Hybrid Future Business for the Seed Industry

Post pandemic business travel has the seed industry thinking a hybrid meeting and event model is here to stay.When the pandemic halted in-person work, a new technology emerged — online events. Overnight meetings were switched to Zoom, and conferences were moved to virtual event platforms. As in-pers

  Ashley Robinson

Seed Speaks Episode 7 Returning to the Office

Marc Zienkiewicz interviews three guests about managing employees and their return to the office! Featured on the panel are: Craig Reed, chief procurement officer for Corteva; Mark Metcalfe, president of Nexeed; and Jade Reeve, program manager for the Canadian Agricultural Human Resources Council.

  Marc Zienkiewicz

Seed Speaks Ep 6 Employee Benefits

In Seed Speaks Ep. 6, host Alex Martin is joined by Danny Stowers, U.S. human resources business partner at RiceTec, and Laura McKee, benefits specialist at Beck’s Hybrids, to talk about how benefits can really be key to employee retention. One thing they’ve both seen recently? Due to COVID, many em

  Alex Martin

Seed Speaks Episode 5: Diversity and Inclusion in Recruitment

Learn more about the opportunities and challenges to hiring a diverse workforce. Sonja Begemann, Editorial Director at Seed World Group will host experts in the industry including: BASF’s Emily Ellis and Anna Alicea, GO Seed’s Risa Demasi and Ag 1 Source’s Mark Waschek. Hiring is challenging in gene

  Sonja Begemann

Seed Speaks Episode 4: Seasonal Labour

Finding seasonal labour has always been hard. In the latest episode of Seed Speaks host Ashley Robinson speaks with Adam Ogle from Total Seed Production about how the seed company handles hiring seasonal labour, how the pandemic has affected it and what you should keep in mind with these temporary e

  Ashley Robinson

Seed Speaks Episode 3: How to Manage in a Work From Home Environment

In our third episode of Seed Speaks, Marc Zienkiewicz sits down with two experts to help you wade through the challenge that is remote work. Doug Miller, executive director of the Canadian Seed Growers’ Association, and Spike Craven, president of Iowa’s Integrity Communications, talk about their per

  European Seed

Cutting Breeding Time with Kidist Kibret

In our latest Giant Views video, Dr. Kidist Kibret, breeding software professional of Agronomix, sits down with Shawn Brook. In a world where it’s hard to get engaged in the industry, Kibret shares that she’s keeping herself motivated by getting excited about bioinformatics. When it comes down to pl

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Sustainable Intensification: The Holy Grail

In our new video, Marcel Bruins sits down to talk with David Zaruk, professor at Odisee University College in Brussels, Consultant on Risk Perception Management and blogging under the name The Risk Monger. Zaruk shares his ideas on the sustainable intensification approach, what element is often miss

  European Seed Videos

Fake News, Misinformation and Disinformation in Agriculture

In our new video, Marcel Bruins sits down to talk with Professor Joe Schwarcz, Director of the McGill Office for Science and Society in Montreal,Canada. Schwarcz shares his ideas on fake news, misinformation and disinformation, what are some of the most repeated pieces of misinformation in agricultu

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