Seed Research in Canada

Funding is critical in every sector. For the seed industry, changes in both the amount of government funding into crop genetics and specific areas of funding focus can have many industry impacts.Canada’s funding landscapeAt the federal level, the Canadian government invests in seed/crop genetics res

  Treena Hein

How Gene Editing Myths Impact Regulations and Future Technology

There are a lot of questions and misunderstandings that surround gene editing, especially as the world still works to understand the technology. While gene editing and gene modification oftentimes are used interchangeably, it is imperative to understand that the two technologies are not the same.Gen

  Ally Roden

Thinking Over Sustainability

Two and a half years after the publication of the Commission’s communication on the Farm to Fork and the Biodiversity strategies, and the embodiment of sustainability as the Commission’s flagship for this mandate, it is time to talk substance about its meaning.Already in 2021, a good number of studi

  César Gonzalez

Who is Driving Sustainability?

Since the Brundtland report, the word ‘sustainability’ has not lost importance in society even though it became a container that could be filled with meaning at will. It is also a buzzword in many company strategies. In the seed sector the primary weight is that we contribute to sustainable producti

  Niels Louwaars

Seed Sector and Green Deal, New Genomic Techniques

Plans of the Czech EU PresidencyThe world is currently facing a global food crisis, which has grown to even more dramatic proportions due to the invasion of Ukraine. In 2021, up to 828 million people (9.8 per cent of the world’s population) were affected by hunger, 46 million more than in 2020 and 1

  Zdeněk Trnka

Navigating through the EU Funding Maze

Researchers have many different funding mechanisms in the EU, but who is eligible and what is the process? Can seed companies participate in programmes like Horizon Europe and what are the conditions? Is it worth my time to put together a consortium and are there any tricks?The answer to these quest

  David Zaruk

How Consumer Trends Affect Ag Policy

You’ve heard the saying the customer is always right, but is that always true? When governments are making new policies regarding agriculture who are they listening to — consumer preferences or the actual facts? Are they listening to science when making new agriculture policy and if not, what affect

  Ashley Robinson

AFBV Calls for Action from EU Regulators to Address the Climate Emergency

Association Française des Biotechnologies Végétales (AFBV) requests the general mobilization of European public and private research to guarantee rapid implementation of a plan that addresses plant variety adaptation to climate change.“AFBV considers the use of new plant biotechnologies as a necessa

  Ally Roden

Agriculture: Strategic Activity at the Heart of French Concerns

An unprecedented context in EuropePlunged into a global health crisis over the past two years, Europe is now facing a war with humanitarian, economic and environmental consequences in all sectors. After 70 years of peace, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict has mobilised all 27 Member States in a united

  Rachel Blumel

Promoting Science for Sustainable Agriculture

There remains no greater challenge for humanity today than living sustainably. That means mitigating and adapting to climate change and protecting our natural environment. To achieve that whilst maintaining safe, healthy, and plentiful food which is accessible by the poorest requires fast, responsib

  Nigel Moore

New Website Promotes Plant Breeding Innovation

Seed specialist KWS recently launched “TraitWay,” a website that provides information about available native traits, in addition to guidance on the process of obtaining a simple license.The balance of sharing innovation while maintaining adequate intellectual property (IP) protection is essential to

  Ally Roden

The Need for a European Pro-Science Lobby

In a recent Politico Brussels debate on the future of new plant breeding technologies within the EU’s Farm2Fork strategy, a scientist, Ricarda Steinbrecher, sounded precautionary alarm bells on the potential risks from any innovative genetic technologies. Ricarda is a board member of the official-so

  David Zaruk

Success Stories of the AIB

Fighting crime in the seed business.The Anti-Infringement Bureau for Intellectual Property Rights on Plant Material (AIB) is a non-profit association that protects the Intellectual Property Rights of 15 member seed companies. It was established in 2010, and is based in Brussels, Belgium. The main mi

  Liam Gimon

Acadian Plant Health Just Got a Nod Under the EU Green Deal. Here’s Why

We live in a world that is changing fast due to climate change and the need for sustainable solutions that will help growers bolster their bottom line while ensuring the long-term viability of their operations.It’s a big reason why I’m happy to report that Acadian Plant Health is one of the first bi

  David Hiltz, Director of Global Regulatory Affairs, Acadian Plant Health

Cybersecurity Starts First with Awareness, Then Education

We live in a digital age — almost everyone has an email, a social media account and a credit card. With any of those, you’re at risk for a cybersecurity attack.As agriculture moves into a new, digital age filled with data, cloud-based services, and more, cybersecurity needs to be a bigger discussion

  Alex Martin

America’s IP Framework is Squeezing Out Independent Seed Companies, IPSA Says

In a letter to Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack, the U.S.-based Independent Professional Seed Association calls the country’s current business environment a threat to American competitiveness.The U.S.-based Independent Professional Seed Association (IPSA) is calling for an overhaul of the country’s intellec

  Marc Zienkiewicz

USDA and Ukraine Join Forces to Combat Global Food Insecurity

U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack declared the USDA and The Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine will enter a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to strengthen the collaboration among the U.S. and Ukrainian agriculture and food sectors. The strategic partnership names addressing foo

  Ally Roden

Svalbard Global Seed Vault Welcomes New Additions

The Svalbard Global Seed Vault continues to expand with two new genebanks and a shipment from WorldVeg that includes varieties of rice bean, lablab and yard-long bean from two Indigenous communities.Eleven genebanks from across the globe deposited 97 boxes holding a total of 19,391 seed samples, bri

  Ally Roden

New Science-Based Debate Platform Launched

Launched in UK Parliament on May 25, Science for Sustainable Agriculture (SSA) is the newest policy and communications platform that offers a hub for the information and debates surrounding modern, sustainable agriculture and food production.SSA was inspired by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on S

  Ally Roden

The World is Running out of Farmers. What’s the Answer?

Contrary to popular belief, the world is not running out of land for farming and we are not running out of food, says a Canadian expert in a field known as deeptech — instead, we are actually running out of farmers.According to Kiersten Stead, managing partner of California’s DCVC Bio which was repr

  Marc Zienkiewicz

Russian Invasion Could Cut Ukraine Planted Acres in Half

EU Allows Planting on Conservation Acreage Amid Russian Invasion of Ukraine.The European Union (EU) recently announced a program that allows Ukrainian farmers to plant crops on conservation acreage to increase crop production amid Russia’s invasion.“The European Union is proposing a 1.5 billion-euro

  Ally Roden

UK: Gene Editing Gets Parliamentary Approval

On March 14, the Houses of Parliament approved a Statutory Instrument which will make it easier to conduct field trial research involving plants produced by new genetic technologies, such as gene editing.In a press release, Sam Brooke, CEO of the British Society of Plant Breeders (BSPB), stated:“Thi

  European Seed

1 in 3 People are Malnourished. We can Change That

According to the World Health Organization, one in three people, around three billion in total worldwide, suffer from some element of malnutrition — either not enough to eat, nothing to eat at all, the wrong kinds of calories, or too much to eat.Malnutrition includes more than just not having enough

  Marc Zienkiewicz

Switzerland Sets Example for the Rest of Europe

Most in the seed sector will agree that modern technologies should be given a chance. A recently formed Swiss association “Varieties for Tomorrow” (‘Sorten für morgen’ or ‘Les variétés de demain’), founded on 11 November 2021 couldn’t agree more. It enjoys very broad support from producers, trade, a

  Marcel Bruins