Sustainable Intensification: The Holy Grail

In our new video, Marcel Bruins sits down to talk with David Zaruk, professor at Odisee University College in Brussels, Consultant on Risk Perception Management and blogging under the name The Risk Monger. Zaruk shares his ideas on the sustainable intensification approach, what element is often miss

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Fake News, Misinformation and Disinformation in Agriculture

In our new video, Marcel Bruins sits down to talk with Professor Joe Schwarcz, Director of the McGill Office for Science and Society in Montreal,Canada. Schwarcz shares his ideas on fake news, misinformation and disinformation, what are some of the most repeated pieces of misinformation in agricultu

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How to make the agro-industry future proof?

In our new video, Marcel Bruins sits down to talk with Marloes Groot, Global Marketing and Sales Manager for Teal Agro Technologies. Groot talks about what makes her company special, and why they have taken a different path from the rest. She also addresses customer needs and the importance of micro

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11 strategies to thrive in today’s environment

Seed organizations and industry suppliers are facing unprecedented business challenges. Like being tossed around in a whirlwind with no clear sense of how to get out.One thing remains clear – new plans, reallocation of resources and new strategies must prevail to survive this and come out the back e

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Michael Keller Says It’s Not Business As Usual

In our new podcast, Alex Martin sits down to talk with Michael Keller about the state of the International Seed Federation during the COVID-19 crisis. Keller talks about how it’s not business as usual, and gives some helpful hints to how working remotely can be productive without imposing on your ho

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Riadh Gabsi (Agricultural Inputs Consulting & AFSTA) Challenges to African seed companies, Importance of national seed associations, Impact of ISF congress on African seed sector

Riadh Gabsi, General Manager of Agricultural Inputs Consulting and President of AFSTA talks with Marcel Bruins at the Euroseeds 2019 Congress in Stockholm, Sweden from 13 to 15 October, 2019.

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