America’s IP Framework is Squeezing Out Independent Seed Companies, IPSA Says

In a letter to Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack, the U.S.-based Independent Professional Seed Association calls the country’s current business environment a threat to American competitiveness.The U.S.-based Independent Professional Seed Association (IPSA) is calling for an overhaul of the country’s intellec

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The Devastation of Ukraine’s Yuriev Plant Production Institute

In mid-May 2022, Russian troops shot at one of the facilities of the Yuriev Plant Production Institute of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine. Genetic samples of various plants are stored here. As a result of the shelling, the sample room burned down completely. But the greatest dan

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Global Food Security is in the Hands of the Next Generation

Food security is a key global issue as the world fails to stay on track with the Sustainable Development Goal 2, Zero Hunger by 2030. An estimated 720 to 811 million people went hungry in 2020. That is 118 million more people than 2019, according to the United Nations.To reach the Zero Hunger by 203

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Ruth Mayes Walks Through the Ins and Outs of Machine Learning

How much do you know about machine learning and how it can be applied to plant breeding? It’s a complicated subject, but Computomics, a bioninformatics data analysis company for plant breeding based in Germany, sat down at the International Seed Federation’s World Seed Congress to help us unders

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Innovation and Solutions Start With Seed

Derek Bartlem, EVP and CSO at DLF, sat down with European Seed Editorial Director Marcel Bruins, to talk about innovations and what is coming up in the DLF pipeline.

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New Molecule ‘Ellarinacin’ Discovered

New molecules, bacteria and organisms are commonly named after their parts or the institute or people that found them. John Innes Centre research scientist Guy Polturak took a different approach when he and colleagues discovered a previously unknown molecule in wheat belonging to the class of molecu

  Ally Roden

Support for National Genebanks Underway

Genebank experts have begun reviewing the 15 national genebanks that are set to receive capacity building, technical and financial support through the recently launched BOLD (Biodiversity for Opportunities, Livelihoods and Development) Project.Seeds maintained in genebanks worldwide are the foundati

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3 Ways to Boost Productivity: Communicate, Prepare and Establish Trust

Seed production and agriculture at large is an industry that relies on timing. The crop must be planted by a certain time, sprayed before pests overtake fields, harvested before stalks and shanks weaken – all of these time constraints put immense pressure on people in the industry.When those busy se

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USDA and Ukraine Join Forces to Combat Global Food Insecurity

U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack declared the USDA and The Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine will enter a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to strengthen the collaboration among the U.S. and Ukrainian agriculture and food sectors. The strategic partnership names addressing foo

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From Plastic Sticker to Laser Printer

Researchers at the Kansas State University Olathe campus are looking at replacing the plastic sticker on fresh produce with a laser-printed QR code onto the food itself. This would reduce environmental waste and improve food traceability.Scientists in the Postharvest Physiology and Food Safety labs

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Revitalizing IPM – Old Principles Addressing New Challenges

The revitalization of integrated pest management (IPM) principles through contemporary sustainable agriculture initiatives is an opportunity to diversify and advance pest control strategies. The focus on expanded pest management tactics and new technologies will bring innovative solutions to growers

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Svalbard Global Seed Vault Welcomes New Additions

The Svalbard Global Seed Vault continues to expand with two new genebanks and a shipment from WorldVeg that includes varieties of rice bean, lablab and yard-long bean from two Indigenous communities.Eleven genebanks from across the globe deposited 97 boxes holding a total of 19,391 seed samples, bri

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Are Diploid Varieties the Future of Potatoes?

An international team of researchers led by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences delved deeper into the advancements and biology of potato as a genetically intricate food crop.While the majority of commercially grown potato varieties are tetraploids, diploid varieties are simpler to breed an

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Syngenta Moves Forward with Seed Applied Technology

Will Holmes, Head of Sales and Marketing for Syngenta UK, spoke with Marcel Bruins about the launch of their new seed applied technology at the International Seed Federation’s World Seed Congress May 16-18.

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Bees Could be in Great Danger

Pollination by wild and managed insects is critical for most crops, including those providing essential micronutrients, and is crucial for food security. In the U.S., the production of crops that depend on pollinators generates more than $50 billion a year. According to recent evidence, some native

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Study Shows Herbicide Tolerant Cotton Has No Adverse Environmental Impacts

While genetically modified herbicide tolerant (GMHT) crops are the most widely adopted GM crops across the globe, the potential ecological and environmental risks have attracted attention and controversy over the last two decades.A study published in the Journal of Cotton Research set out to investi

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FAO Unveils New Public Tool Based on Agricultural Census Data

Policy makers and the researchers who advise them now have a powerful new tool.The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is endowing FAOSTAT, the world’s largest agricultural data base, with an important new domain that enables much easier comparison and assessment of trends

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Soren Halbye Discusses Commodity Concerns in the Seed Industry

If there’s one thing that concerns the whole industry — global or not — it’s the commodity market. And unfortunately, it’s something that’s changing constantly. Energy prices are high, fertilizer prices are high, and with all of the global events constantly fluctuating, everything is up in the air.“

  Marcel Bruins

Klaus Nielsen Says Sustainability is Top-of-Mind for DLF

When it comes to sustainability, it’s flying to the top of priority charts across the globe in policy and business. It’s no surprise that it’s no different for DLF as well.“Most seed companies have a strong focus on sustainability in what they do today,” Klaus Nielsen, director of corporate external

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