Choose Your Salad Carefully…

I guess most of us have tried to compose our own salad mixture from salad bar. I usually go for a lot of nuts, olives, and dried tomatoes, and less for lettuce and the overly fibrous celery. What kind of forage would a dairy cow chose as side dish for its concentrate meal? Probably a forage grass wi

  Klaus K. Nielsen

The Benefits of Seed Applied Technologies

Seed applied technologies (SAT’s) are basically any protection and growth technology that is supplied with the seeds in the bag. This can include seed treatment with fungicides, insecticides, nematicides and biologicals offering a solution to the farmer maximising her or his productivity. Once seeds

  Arend Vermazeren

Do You Know What Casuistry Is?

I’m a fan of Malcolm Gladwell’s podcast Revisionist History. It’s about historical events and people that have been overlooked or misunderstood. A recent episode focused on casuistry, “the resolving of moral problems by the application of theoretical rules to particular instances,” according to the

  Marc Zienkiewicz

Festulolium – Evolution is Speeded Up By Plant Breeding

Sometimes plant breeding can open new doors by combining the best traits of two species. Festulolium is a relatively new species, where plant breeders have succeeded in making a successful match between two grass species – creating a new product combining the best of both parents.Festulolium is gras

  Klaus K. Nielsen

Keeping Europe’s Seed Sector Competitive

One of the main issues at the moment for the European seed sector is the possibility to uphold a competitive and independent European seed sector in the context of the uncertainty over the rights to use the New Breeding Techniques (gene editing and others) in our R&D activities dedicated to European

  Philippe Saux

New Solution for Disease Control in Corn

Committed with farmer’s needs, our company CORTEVA is excited to announce our new product launch. Lumiflex is our new seed applied fungicide that has just gotten first registration in Europe (France) in corn. The next goal is to get registration in the key countries across EU28, but also in other im

  Andre Negreiros

The Bright Star at Corteva Seeds

In the last several years, the ag environment has been evolving a lot: climatic change, regulation, new pests, agronomic practices evolution, digital equipment… In this context, production risks at planting are changing significantly (cold stress, drought stress, mechanical obstruction, soil compact

  Nicolas Perraud

Mixtures Supports Disease Control in Turf and Pastures

Mixed genetics equals better armory towards pests. When we combine varieties and species with different skills and strengths it helps us designing products with better performance under different biotic and abiotic conditions. That’s one of the reasons why seed mixtures are getting more widely used

  Klaus K. Nielsen

Why Grow High-Oleic Sunflowers?

Within Soltis, we started working on High-Oleic (HO) sunflower varieties in the late 90’s and a first generation of hybrids was released in 1998. The second generation of hybrids with an improved agronomical profile and higher oleic content, above 85%, was launched in 2004-2006.There are several ben

  Thierry Andre

Why You Need to Quit Using Your Wedding Photo as Your Headshot

As a graphic designer, I’m often sent headshots to use in our magazines or online. I’ve seen some great photos cross my desk, as well as some cringe-worthy ones. Things like poor lighting, cell phone selfies, and poorly cropped wedding photos all make you look unprofessional.So, why are professional

  Lesley Nakonechny

How Corteva Spares Beneficial Insects

When using a treated seed, farmers expect a range of benefits such as the ease of handling and use, seedling protection and vigor, prevention from disease transmission, seed-borne diseases, vector-borne diseases, the predation of seed and seedling, and also the facilitation of early planting, and th

  Anne Alix

Supply Chain Digitalization Reinforces Customer Satisfaction

Digitalization brings added value in many parts of the seed sector. In the supply chain workflow, it consists in dematerializing the physical exchange of documents between companies (orders, invoices, delivery notes etc.) by electronic data interchange (EDI), according to a standardized format, betw

  Bernard Dubois

Plant Breeding Winners Make It To Top Sports Finals

Just like le chef de cuisine needs the right ingredients to prepare a perfect dinner, a world class football pitch needs turf varieties with the necessary traits to make it to the final. A lot of football fans has been following the thrilling games in the Champions League and are now looking forwar

  Klaus K. Nielsen

Want to Fail at Business? Do This One Thing

When I visit the United States, I am bombarded with the sentiment that “corn is king.” When I travel through Western Canada, canola is king. I would like to suggest that CONTENT is king and if you are not focused on building good content around you, your business and your audience, your business is

  Shawn Brook

How to Ensure Rapeseed Survives a Tough Winter

Oilseed rape is a very profitable crop for a farmer, and luckily can be grown in vast years in Europe, either as an autumn sown ‘winter oilseed rape’, or as spring sown ‘spring oilseed rape’. Our company directs all its rape seed breeding towards winter oilseed rape.Besides its use as an oil crop, w

  Błażej Springer

See You in Berlin!

The 15th International Rapeseed Congress (IRC) is the most important scientific conference focused on advancement of the global rapeseed market. Over 800 scientists and representatives from the agricultural sector will meet in Berlin from 16 to 19 June. New developments in genetics, breeding, cultiv

  Thierry Remy

Advantages Of The Agricultural Cooperative Model

The 100 largest agricultural cooperatives in the world are based in Europe. This continent dominates the market, ranking 62 cooperatives in the top 100 worldwide. Europe’s economic dynamism can be explained in particular by its historical roots. For example in France, cooperative farming brings toge

  Christian Pees

Can Digital Connection Ever Truly Replace the Human Touch?

I think most of us innately know that an email, tweet, post or text does not replace connecting with the important people in our life, but boy do we ever love the idea of the digital world and all it supposedly promises.We push the digital and push the digital and push the digital because it fits so

  Shawn Brook

Solutions for Climate Improvements

Over the past years, we have learned that climate in many ways influence production stability. While 2017 was memorized as the shabby summer with flooded areas, 2018 set new weather records on the hot and dry scale, especially in parts of Europe, South America and Australia.Agriculture is an importa

  Klaus K. Nielsen

We Did It Again!

To complete our grain corn portfolio, we are proposing a second-generation of varieties of our very original and exclusive genetics: the Tropical Dent® family. This second wave of corn hybrids offers several efficient and stable varieties regardless of growing conditions. A real craze grows around t

  Celine Cauhape

Finding a Solution for the Control of Chironomids in Rice Cultivation

Rice is one of the most valuable crops in the world. In Western Europe, Spain and Italy are the main producers.Rice producers of these countries face, in some areas, damages from the rice water weevil (aka chironomid). Consuming roots, larvae of chironomids constitute the most damaging pest during t

  Dominique Marquet-Saget

Alfalfa – Queen of Forage Crops and King of Drought Tolerance

Alfalfa is one of the few perennial (3-5 years) highly drought tolerance forage crops. When the going gets tough for most forages under drought – alfalfa keeps going. 2018 brought strong attention to crops, which keep producing under drought alleviating the economic impact of forage deficit.Extendin

  Klaus K. Nielsen

How Do I Get Started with Twitter?

We are all aware of the impact social media has on today’s world. It influences our personal lives, but also opens the door to business marketing. Social media is valuable because you get to connect with your customers, bring brand awareness, and increase sales. Twitter in particular delivers outsta

  Zana Relke